The JavaFX Script programming language lets you create modern looking applications with sophisticated graphical user interfaces. It was designed from the ground up to make GUI programming easy; its declarative syntax, data binding model, animation support, and built-in visual effects let you accomplish more work with less code, resulting in shorter development cycles and increased productivity.

This tutorial is your starting point for learning the JavaFX Script programming language. It focuses on the fundamentals only: that is, on the underlying, non-visual, core constructs that are common to all FX applications. When finished, you will be ready for Building GUI Applications with JavaFX, the second tutorial in this series. After that, the Media Browser tutorial will walk you through the complete end-to-end development of a real-world application.

In addition, advanced developers will be interested in the JavaFX Script Programming Language Reference and Application Programming Interface (API) documentation. These reference documents provide a lower-level discussion of the syntax, semantics, and supported libraries of the JavaFX Script programming language and SDK.

JavaFX Tutorial